Prom Wishes

Creative prom decor and themes

Make all your prom dreams come true on this magical and special night. Find a large selection of prom decor for creative prom themes, beautiful crowns and tiaras, plus invitations, theme kits, decorations and favors. We've arranged them into one easy–to-shop section.

What's Inside:

  • Prom theme ideas - Choose from our popular prom décor in several of the best prom themes including Hollywood, Casino, and Paris. Creative decor will make your event spectacular and create memories for years to come.

  • Prom decor and favors - Find prom backgrounds, gossamer, photo backdrops, banners, and a selection of the best supplies and products you need to make your prom more elegant and stylish.

  • Crowns and tiaras - If you are looking for king crowns, or stylish but affordable tiaras, you will appreciate the large selection of royalty items and prom tiaras at Prom Wishes. Find the special one to highlight your style and receive royal treatment.

  • Prom themes and supply - From Mardi Gras prom backdrops to flutes and themed booklets, you'll find more supplies for your prom night right here than in the other free prom catalogs. Prom Wishes has printed booklets, tickets, invitations and favors of all kinds. They even have large prom backgrounds for more enticing photos. Build on your chosen prom themes and ideas with matching decor and supplies.
This is the place to buy all your prom accessories from backgrounds to tiaras. Shop by theme and create one of the most memorable proms ever.