Baudelaire Soaps

Extraordinary skin care, soaps and imported bath products for women and men

Baudelaire Soaps and Body Care specializes in distinctive, imported handcrafted soap and fine womenís and menís skin care including:

  • Natural skin care products -- After you use their fine face and body soap, moisturize and refine your skin with some of the richest and best body creams, hand lotions, and eau de Toilette fragrances and powders.

    What's Inside:
  • Natural soaps and shampoos -- European travelers are familiar with the extraordinary quality of Sea Loofa Soap. This incredible exfoliating soap, once a staple in only the finest of hotels, is available through Baudelaire. Or sample a few of their other varieties of natural face and body soap, like olive oil, honey, wild rose, bergamot or sweet almond. Give your hair a treat with green tea or Verlaine natural shampoo and body wash.
  • Relaxing bath products -- Create a spa feeling at home with imported French bath products. Luscious bath and shower gels become frothy bubble baths. Fragrant bath salts will fill your bathroom with the heady scents of bergamot, rose, lavender or linden ---the ultimate in enjoyable aromatherapy products. Buy the collection for yourself, then select a few of each to create truly amazing bath and spa gift baskets for special friends.
  • Menís products -- Luxurious bath products are not just for women. Men will appreciate the skin smoothing Sea Loofa exfoliating soap, gentle olive oil and shea butter moisturizing soap, the clean scents of green tea cleansing skin care and body cleansing products, or the slightly spicy Verlaine eau de Cologne.
  • Bath supplies and accessories -- Select natural sponges, skin restoring bath mitts, or an invigorating sisal body brush to enhance your bathing experience, and smooth your skin.
For exceptional womenís and menís skin care products, from all natural, handmade soap to bath oils, gels and salts, browse the pages of Baudelaireís catalog or website. More than just handmade soap stores, they are your very own luxury spa supply for your home.