Gold Medal Hair

Hair care for black women with hair care products, wigs & hairstyles for black women

Gold Medal brings your African American hair back to life with hair products that are uniquely designed to bring natural health and manageable styling back to damaged, over processed or over treated hair. For the best hair care for black women, Gold Medal will win first place when it comes to all of your hair care and hair styling needs.

  • Hair styles for black women and fashion wigs - Long or short, curly or straight, Gold Medal brings you black hair fashion looks that suit your personal style as well as your mood! Choose from high quality black women's wigs in all of the latest styles and designs from brand new synthetics to Foxy Silver Wigs and even more gorgeous black women hairstyles!

  • Hair care for black women - Gold Medal knows that hair care for black women isn't always easy. Whether your hair is difficult to comb or frizzes up in damp weather, you'll enjoy a new head of hair with a sleek line of hair products for black women including shampoos, conditioners, scalp therapy systems, emergency repair products, brushes, combs, curlers and a collection of hair weaving and hair cutting instructional DVDs to help you achieve Gold Medal quality hairstyles at home! Plus a selection of gorgeous black women's wigs to change up your look every day of the week!

  • Black hair growth products - If you're desperate to grow out your hairstyle and want to speed up the process, give your scalp Power Gro hair care for black women. Featuring systems that include proteins and vitamins that are guaranteed to give you longer and stronger locks while softening brittle and breaking hair they'll help you bring back your hair's natural shine and youthful beauty!

  • Black natural hair care - Tired of harsh chemicals that cause damage to your hair while painfully burning your scalp? Try Herbal Tame hair products for black women featuring relaxers and moisturizers that leave your hair with spectacular luster, vibrant bounce, natural texture and amazing manageability without the damage, the dryness, the strong odors, and best of all - no burning!
Gold Medal Hair takes pride in searching the world to find natural oils, scents and formulas that are the most effective and gentle. When it comes to hair care for black women, Gold Medal hair care products are here to help your locks look their healthiest and most natural while allowing your true beauty to shine through.

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