Richard Linevsky, CEO

Richard Linevsky is CEO and co-founder of Catalogs.com, one of the most respected digital mobile technology and catalog shopping portals on the internet.

Richard launched Catalogs.com in 1996, with his business partner and wife, Leslie Linevsky, 19 catalog retailers, and a staff of one-and-a-half. Twenty-one years later, Catalogs.com represents more than 740 retailers on its desktop and Dynalog platforms, with more than 1,000,000 website visitors per month, and a staff of 17 specializing in marketing, web development, SEO, customer support and public relations.

Richard has more than 26 years of entrepreneurial business experience and takes special interest in e-commerce and online marketing. While Catalogs.com is a true collaboration for the Linevsky team, Richard concentrates on product development and is a driving force in the major strategic and financial decisions regarding the company’s growth and future direction. As an aficionado of all things high-tech, Richard directs his intuitive understanding of the internet’s potential for retail marketing into innovation at Catalogs.com.

Today, Catalogs.com provides its visitors a unique, interactive shopping experience with 35 product categories, daily feeds highlighting featured products, monthly newsletters, Facebook & Twitter pages, an informative articles website and blogs in fashion and marketing. The company’s patent-pending Dynalog digital mobile technology is built on a product feed-based platform and creates a totally green and fun way to shop – one that leverages “Discovery Shopping” to deliver thousands of products to consumers.

Richard serves as a board member for various community and business-related associations. He is a seasoned speaker and participates in a number of panel discussions on marketing and e-commerce. Linevsky received his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Indiana University.

Leslie Linevsky, Vice President and Co-Founder

Leslie Linevsky is co-founder of Catalogs.com, the foremost portal destination website for catalog shopping on the Internet, Dynalog and mobile phone.

A well-respected authority on online retail sales, Leslie has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience. She launched her first successful online venture in 1994 with her husband, Richard: a men’s catalog called The Artist Collar, where upscale men’s neckties were marketed and sold via direct mail, along with 24/7 telemarketing, fulfillment and e-commerce. After two years of building the company and establishing one of the Internet’s first e-commerce sites (necktie.com), the Linevskys sold the company. With the capital from the sale, they launched CatalogSavings.com, which grew into Catalogs.com.

Leslie is actively involved in all aspects of the development and growth of Catalogs.com, concentrating on marketing and business management. Leslie blogs on web-based business, online shopping a successful female entrepreneur. She is active on a variety of social media sites – connect with Leslie on LinkedIn.

Leslie has presented at DMA (Direct Marketing Association) events and other business-related associations. She recently participated as a panelist on “Changes, Innovations and New Strategies for Email List Growth” at the DMA 2011 Email Evolution Conference in Miami. In addition, she is an active member of her community, serves on several boards of various philanthropic charities and is an avid participant in teen mentorship programs.

Leslie received her master’s degree in business administration/international business from the University of Miami in Miami, Fla. and her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Indiana University.