Talisman Collection

Lifestyle products for active seniors

Who says that being a senior means losing your zest for life? Not the people at Talisman Collection! They have the items seniors need to stay active and independent. Browse their catalog for products designed for personal care for seniors.

What's Inside:

Elegant handmade walking sticks

Illuminated magnifying glasses, and pocket reading magnifiers to make small print less of a challenge

The newest in technology for visually impaired including talking watches and clocks, and scales, large format watches, and TV magnifiers

A full line of aids for mobility, including walkers, lightweight wheel chairs, and push carts

A variety of hot and cold packs for thermal therapy, or just every day aches and pains

Safety equipment for the bathroom, including bathtub transfer benches, and toilet grips

Talisman Collection brings you the hard-to-find, life-enhancing products you need to achieve greater living comfort and convenience. From canes and wooden walking sticks to lighted magnifiers to hot and cold packs for body aches, they understand personal care for seniors. Their catalog is designed with the needs of the active senior in mind.

Not a senior yourself? Their handmade walking sticks make great gifts for seniors as well as people recovering from injury or surgery, too. And an illuminated magnifier can help even the youngest shoppers with maps, detailed print, or hobby work!