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No matter where you live, Deseret Books brings a complete LDS bookstore to you. Shop Deseret Bookstore online anytime for the best in Mormon gifts and books.

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  • The best in LDS fiction and nonfiction - Whether you're looking for a new work of LDS fiction, a collection of Latter Day Saint quotes, or inspiring Mormon pioneer stories, Deseret Bookstore online has it all. Check out the newest titles from Deseret Publishing and other trusted Latter-Day publishers including books by church general authorities or national bestselling authors Jason F. Wright, Brandon Mull and Glenn Beck.

  • Latter-Day Saint music, movies and software - Bring the beauty and inspiration of LDS music into your family's life with today's most popular Mormon CDs. Or make a Family Home Evening extra special recent release films like Rescued, Passage to Zarahemla, Anxiously Engaged, Work and the Glory, Best Two Years, Osmonds 50th Anniversary Reunion, and many more.

  • LDS Music and Audio on CD - Get the latest from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and other local and national LDS artists, including Michael McLean, Hilary Weeks, Kenneth Cope, Jenny Phillips, Mercy River, and more. Watch for the latest new rave in teen hip-hop with the group LOL (Live Out Loud). Also available on CD, audio books and talks from favorite youth speakers and authors.

  • LDS CTR rings and other CTR shield jewelry - Inspire yourself or the special people in your life to Chose the Right with beautiful CTR bracelets, pendants, dog tags, rings and other jewelry.

  • Mormon gifts - From a gift for a newborn or something special for your favorite teen, to the perfect memento for a 70th birthday, there are exciting gift ideas for every age at Deseret Book. Choose a Christus statue, a framed temple print, or one of their other Mormon gifts from their extensive online catalog.

  • LDS baptism books, wedding books and journals - Record the special moments and everyday experiences in memory books and journals from

  • Scriptures & Accessories - Treat yourself or someone special to a new set of scriptures. Quads, sets, Bibles and triple combinations are available in both large and regular print, genuine leather, bonded, economy and snap versions.

  • LDS missionary care packages - Treat the young men and women in the mission field to inspiring gifts, journals and scriptures from Deseret Book. Create a care package for your missionary, and let them know you appreciate their devotion.

  • Event Tickets - Attend Time Out for Women in a city near you with noted speakers and performers, including Sheri Dew, Jane Clayson Johnson, Michael McLean, Mary Ellen Edmunds, the group Mercy River, and more.