The Monastery Store

Dharma practice, meditation supplies, and everything Zen

Enhance your Buddhist practice with a collection of Zen and Tibetan supplies.

What's Inside:
  • Buddhist art -- Inspire yourself with original works of Buddhist art, featuring traditional Buddhist symbols and beautiful designs.

  • Meditation furniture and cushions -- Make your meditation practice more comfortable and productive with the right Zafu and Zabuton. Whether you choose the adjustable SeiFu zafu or the new Mountain Seat zafu featuring patented viscoelastic foam or a Zen kneeling meditation bench, their helpful advice on choosing the right zafu and zabuton will enhance your meditation experience.

  • Meditation accessories -- Zen Mountain Monastery strives to be the source for everything Zen and Tibetan practioners need for dharma and meditation practice. Choose a soothing meditation chime to mark the end of your practice, warm and non-binding Buddhist clothing, altar bowls, candles and incense. For your daily practice at meditation and as you go through the day, wrist and traditional mala beads (prayer beads) are available in a variety of woods.

  • Buddhas and Bodhisattvas -- Browse their beautiful figurine and Buddha store for inspiring statuary of the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. Perfect for your altar, home or office, their collection includes inexpensive figurines as well as fine works of art. The artwork in their Buddha figurine store reflects a variety of traditions and styles -- one is certain to be right for your home or altar.

  • Create a Zen garden -- Design a meditation garden and move your practice outdoors. Select a Buddha statue, wind chimes and decorative stones and begin to design your own Zen garden.

  • Books, CD's, DVD's and Mp3s -- Whether you are a beginner and need to learn about everything Zen, or a long time practioner, their collection of Buddhist resources will help you deepen your dharma practice and increase your understanding of Buddhist principles.

Let The Monastery Store at Zen Mountain Monastery help you improve your practice and be your resource for zafus, zabutons, malas, and the best in Buddhist learning materials.