Himalayan Institute

Tranquility-inspiring yoga and meditation materials and retreats - DVDs, videos and more

Find inner peace, expand your spiritual life and improve your health with books, CD's, yoga DVDs and videos from the Himalayan Institute. Best known for their yoga and meditation retreats, the Himalayan Institute lets you experience the lessons and tranquility of their serene Pennsylvania Poconos setting at home.

What's Inside:
  • Yoga instructional videos - Whether you are looking for instruction on basic Hatha yoga poses, asanas for more advanced yoga practitioners, or a new approach to your yoga practice, the Himalayan Institute Press offers yoga instructional videos from the world's best teachers

  • Natural paths to better health - Learn to use a yoga asana for stress relief, relax with meditation or improve your health with herbal remedies. Alternative or holistic medicine is all about using your mind and spirit to heal the body and create a state of wellness. Their collection of books, videos and pure healing extracts will start you on the path to a healthier life.

  • Neti pot sinus cleaning system - Maintain healthy breathing with regular sinus cleansing. The Neti pot system makes it easy, with their special sinus cleaning pot and ultra-pure saline formula for the neti pot.

  • Yoga, spiritual growth meditation retreats - Attend a yoga meditation retreat at the Himalayan yoga and meditation Institute, and discover a peace and serenity difficult to attain in today's hurry-up world. You'll have the opportunity to participate in mind/body enhancing Hatha yoga activities, calming meditations, and enlightening seminars. Aspiring yoga instructors will find the instruction they need in the Institute's yoga teacher training program.

  • Spiritual gifts and jewelry - Create a serene space in your home with beautiful Buddha or Ganesha statues, lotus flower artwork or rich incense. Each item has been carefully selected to enhance your practice and enliven your spirit.
From a yoga movement video illustrating the basic Hatha yoga poses, asanas and breathing techniques to an advanced workshop discussing challenging yoga positions, the tools you need to move forward on your spiritual path are waiting at the Himalayan Institute.