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BMX new arrivals are the latest and coolest to have

Looking for the latest BMX gear and kicks? Then check out BMX new arrivals from Dan's Comp for the coolest streetwear, shoes, bike parts and more!

  • If only the newest will do, then BMX new arrivals are sure to satisfy. You'll have access to all of the coolest shoes, including Adio, Nike, Duffs and Etnies, perfect for wearing on the street or on the trail.... read more

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Need comfortable tees that showcase your personal style? Then choose from this awesome collection of your favorite brands and logos, on tees and on belts, hats, bags and shorts.

  • BMX new arrivals don't only include shoes and tees -- they also feature the latest bike parts like clamps, rims, grips, plates, forks and tires. Find the best and hottest gear for your bike when it comes out. You also have access to the newest videos featuring some of the coolest tricks, including "best of" and tour collections.

  • Get all of the latest gear, clothing, parts and accessories for you and your bike. You'll know what the BMX new arrivals are as soon as they hit the scene!

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