Bike Friday

Foldable, lightweight custom bicycles -- Take your bike with you wherever you go!

You’ll never have to pass up that great trail or challenging path through the woods again when you travel with one of Bike Friday’s handcrafted lightweight folding bikes. Select from:

  • Foldable touring bikes -- See the world close up and in person on lightweight folding bikes designed for touring. From the luxury of the Air Glide to affordability of the New World Tourist, let them build a bike that’s just right for you.

    What's Inside:
    Their unique design allows you to easily fold the bikes for travel, then just as quickly unfold them once you reach your destination.
  • Sturdy folding mountain bikes -- You probably wouldn’t expect such great on-the-trail performance from folding bicycles –but the Pocket Llama will win you over. Rugged and durable, these specialized bicycles can take whatever the trail dishes out. Best of all, you can take these folding mountain bikes anywhere you can take a suitcase – on planes, trains, buses or trams around the world.
  • Tandem bicycles -- If you’re traveling as a couple or family, they have folding bicycles for sale that let you share the ride. Choose a tandem bicycle for two or three, and enjoy the trip together. Or select the ultimate in flexibility: a folding bicycle that changes from a single to a double to a triple!
  • Recumbent bicycles -- Travel in style and comfort with recumbent folding bikes. The Sat R Day Tour will take the strain off your back, and let you enjoy the scenery. And like all their other bikes, it folds up easily for travel and storage.
  • Pocket bikes -- Travel light with a pocket rocket or other pocket bike. Exceptionally compact, these small bikes deliver full size performance on the road or trail. Take a whole new approach to biking with a custom pocket rocket bike --- you may never ride a full sized bike again!
Whether you're a road, touring or mountain bike rider, single or tandem, they can design and build a custom-fit travel bicycle just for you. And the fit is guaranteed.

When you’re shopping for a folding bike, choose the folding bicycles owned by cycling pros like RAAM legend Lon Haldeman, Voice of the Tour de France, Phil Liggett and the Worlds' Most Traveled Man by Bicycle Heinz Stucke because it rides like a full-size performance bike - Bike Friday!