Ultimate Paintball

Paintball gear, guns, supplies and everything you need to get in the game

Ultimate Paintball is your home for premium paintball supplies, gear, protective apparel and ammo for the ultimate adventure seeker.

What's Inside:
  • Paintball Guns & Packages - Whether you池e a pro paintballer or a first time player, you値l find all of the fiercest and most sought-after guns on the market, compiled from all of the leading manufacturers including Tippmann, Spyder, BT, Invert, Empire, and more. Shop conveniently with all guns sorted by brand, gun type, model, color, length or price. You値l find dozens of models to choose from, or stock up all at once with all inclusive packages from Tippman and Spyder that offer all of the paintball gear and essentials you need to shoot with success.

  • Protective Gear - Keep yourself and your opponents safe from harm痴 way with protective gear that will allow you to move undercover without bulk while offering trusted protection from being blasted with pellets. Choose from tough and durable military grade paintball masks, tactical vests, gloves, pants and jerseys, paintball harnesses, chest protectors, elbow and knee pads, neck protectors, ghillie suits, and even more super safe apparel options for players of every level. You値l also find casual tees and hoodies to show your love of the game on or off the playing field.

  • Tanks, Loaders, Barrels & More - Get suited up with all of the Ultimate Paintball supplies and accessories you need for successful game play with an assortment of air systems and tanks, barrels and loaders listed at every price point. You値l also find paintballs of every color and variety including reusable pellets, super explosive grenades, rubber balls, and more ammo than you can ever imagine.

  • Upgrades & Parts - Fix your busted gear or upgrade to a better system with a wide selection of upgrade parts that are designed to Improve performance. Choose from feednecks and adapters, upgrade boards and board accessories, triggers, stocks, phantom parts, grips, and more.
For over a decade, Ultimate Paintball has served as the ultimate source for premium paintball gear online. From deluxe guns and packages to protective wear that will keep a good game from turning ugly, you値l find everything you need to get the party started and the paintballs rolling.