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Children of all ages love kid friendly hotels

The next time you plan to go on vacation with the children, be sure to stay at kid friendly hotels. Your little one will have just as much fun as the adults. Hotels that cater to children have accommodations that please the whole gang and they’re capable of handling everything that your little ones dish out.

  • Complementary Breakfast – Kid friendly hotels like the Hampton Inn serve hot, complementary breakfasts so you can start your morning off right with a hearty meal.... read more

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You and your children can enjoy eggs, sausage patties, coffee, juice and other delicious offerings. If you’re in a hurry, be sure to grab an On the Run Breakfast Bag that's filled with a tasty breakfast to go.

  • Poolside Enjoyment - Have fun with the children while taking a dip in the pool. Kid friendly hotels like the Hilton Garden Inns have pools at many of their locations to enjoy. Take time to relax alongside the pool in the mornings or take a splash to stay cool later in the afternoons. Kids will have so much fun, it’s going to be hard packing up your bags to go back home.

  • Kids need a little relaxation time, too. The best way to enjoy your vacation with children is to book your next stay at kid friendly hotels.

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