Orient - Collette Vacations (ages 55+)

Experience the Far East with Collette Vacations (ages 55+)

There's something truly special about a vacation in Asia; each day seems to offer a new and interesting experience.

This exciting brochure offers great insight into their trips to the Far East for seniors 55 years of age or older. Turn to any page and you will find something special and unique. A private Tai Chi class in Hong Kong, a visit to a traditional Balinese village, a fascinating tour of Vietnam and a cooking demonstration in Thailand are just a few examples.

What's Inside:

Their travel experts have carefully scouted out each and every country - including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. You can rest assured that the vacation package you're purchasing offers the best in quality, value, and service. Remember - a vacation is all about the memories! We want your travel investment to result in a wonderful vacation experience...from start to finish.