Proper Auto Care

The best car detailing products, polish and wax on the market

Trust for the right interior and exterior car detailing supplies plus professional auto detailing tips, and car care accessories.

What's Inside:
  • Get it clean -- Get your car as clean as it can be with professional quality wash. Remove tough road grime, oils, and impurities from your car's surface with fine car shampoos by Maguiar's, Mothers or Blackfire.

  • Start with the very best car polish - Finish the cleaning process with a quality car polish to remove surface impurities, swirls, oxidation and old wax. One of the most overlooked of car detailing products, a good polish is essential to achieving a smooth, glowing finish.

  • Choose the best car wax for your vehicle - A quality wax provides a beautiful finish and important auto paint protection. Proper Autocare carries only the best names in the business. Check out their informative articles to select the best car wax for your car's color and age.

  • Cleaning products for your car interior - Give your car's interior a just off the showroom feel with safe, effective cleaning products, protectants, and surface conditioners from upholstery cleaners to leather care wipes. Learn about the right tools and products to clean your auto in their car detailing tips articles.

  • Detailing tools and equipment - Don't ruin a great finish with a scratchy sponge or lint-trailing towel. From brushes and cloths to chamois and buffing pads, Proper Autocare has the right tools for the job.

  • Engine cleaning supplies - Make your car as showroom clean under the hood as outside. Read about how to clean a car engine , then add their top engine cleaner products to your auto care shelf at home.

  • Convertible top cleaner and conditioner - Clean and protect your convertible's top with products designed specifically for your fabric or vinyl top.

  • Other quality car detailing products and information - From an innovative car wax remover designed to catch those white swirls on trim and seals to articles offering the latest information on car leather care, Proper Autocare wants to be your complete auto detailing resource. Whether you're looking for the best car polish for a black car, or tips for cleaning your car the professional way, their auto car professionals are there to help you fall in love with your car all over again.