Cintas Uniforms

Cintas Uniforms - Uniform apparel from custom shirts to uniform pants from Cintas Uniform supply

Cintas Uniforms catalog helps businesses set up shop with an unparalleled uniform supply including uniform shirts, uniform pants, outerwear, accessories and more custom uniform apparel.

  • Cintas Uniforms - No matter what business your company specializes in, Cintas Uniforms is your main headquarters for premium uniforms for all of your employees.

    What's Inside:
    From a wide selection of uniform shirts, uniform pants and jackets, to overalls and coveralls, safety shoes, boots and safety uniform apparel, Cintas makes it easy to help your entire staff dress for success.

  • Uniform shirts - Cintas catalog of uniforms brings you America's #1 work shirt, featuring Cintas Comfort shirts that work hard but feel good while keeping workers comfortable on the job. From short-sleeved to long-sleeved, solid to striped, dress shirts to colorful polos and t-shirts, Cintas catalog has the uniform shirts for men and women that are ready to be customized with your company logo and ready to outfit your workers with both style and comfort.

  • Uniform pants - Whether your employees work in an office or on a construction site, you'll enjoy the Cintas uniform supply of uniform pants that will suit workers wherever they are from 9 to 5. Choose from executive uniform pants and comfort work uniform pants to denim carpenter pants, relaxed fit jeans and more uniform pants for men and women. Besides Cintas Uniform pants, you'll also find work shorts, twill and cargo shorts for those warmer days on the job.

  • Uniform accessories - Accessorize your workers with an assortment of uniform accessories that are just right for the work site. Choose from hats, rugged safety shoes and boots, socks, belts, aprons, gloves and more. Cintas Uniforms also features high visibility clothing, flame resistant uniform apparel and accessories that offer full protection in high risk work environments.
Cintas catalog of Uniform supplies provides you with a collection of uniform apparel for both men and women that will make your workers look sharp and feel even sharper. Find discount uniforms that are designed to keep your employees comfortable, presentable, safe and ready to perform.