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Equipment for law enforcement or the home - surveillance systems and products that protect

Shield yourself from danger with Defense Pro USA's extensive line of digital video home surveillance systems, law enforcement equipment, stunguns, taser guns, personal safety devices and more.

  • Home surveillance systems - Rest easy with home surveillance systems that will keep every inch of your home safe from harm's way. Choose a surveillance cam cleverly hidden in everyday objects like can openers, desktop speakers, mirrors, backpacks, phones, clocks and air fresheners! You'll also find alarms, alerts and sensors, all designed to keep your home unscathed and untouched.

    What's Inside:

  • Digital video surveillance system - Choose a digital video surveillance system that allows you to digitally record all activity while you're away. Featuring a DVR with full networking capability that uses an IntelliSpy DVR card that allows you to view live video on the Internet, this digital video surveillance system is ideal for either home or professional use.

  • Security surveillance - Find the newest surveillance equipment on the market including VISEC Home and Business Surveillance Software that NASA Level Programmers have developed as a next generation computer program that ingeniously transforms your home or office computer into a global wide video surveillance system in only five minutes or less.
Whether you need law enforcement equipment and gear for your boys in blue, home surveillance systems and cameras for your new house or a Stun Master or mini taser gun for your purse, you'll find it at Defense Pro USA where the safety and security of their customers is their only business.