Nice Aromas - Wholesale

Wholesale scented jar candles and wholesale aromatherapy candles made from soy

Fill your gift store shelves while promoting environmentally friendly products with wholesale scented jar candles that are made from natural soy! Find wholesale aromatherapy candles in a variety of scents and seasonal candles that will sell out every season.

What's Inside:
  • Wholesale scented jar candles - Stand apart from other candle retailers with clean, pure and natural aromatherapy soy wax candles that are completely non-toxic and produce substantially less soot than paraffin or traditional wax candles. Available in three sizes, you'll find 8 ounce wholesale scented jar candles, 13 ounce home vases that burn up to 90 hours and 20 ounce comfort vases that burn even longer!

  • Wholesale aromatherapy candles - Allow your store to feature aromatherapy candles wholesale that have amazing advantages including healing properties for stress relief, anti-depression, digestive problems and more of life's constant tensions that we all suffer from. Whether they're dealing with grief, insomnia, or need a pleasantly fragrant aphrodisiac, Nice Products' wholesale scented jar candles can bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your shop or business.

  • Winter wholesale candle gifts - For holiday gifts that will serve as bestsellers every season, your customers will love a Winter themed collection of aromatherapy candles wholesale that are all packaged beautifully in snow flake covered gift boxes with gift cards provided! With scents reminiscent of rainforest pine, mint, mocha and cinnamon, your pre-wrapped candle gifts will fly off the shelves, especially when shoppers discover they don't have to gift wrap at home!

  • Spring wholesale candle gifts - Find a Springtime selection of wholesale scented jar candles that make perfect gifts for any occasion! Available in fresh scents that awaken the senses and help celebrate the rebirth of Spring indoors, these 8 ounce candle jars are the perfect size and always come in handy as wedding favors, hostess gifts, Easter gifts, Mother's Day gifts and/or birthday gifts that are so thoughtful, gift givers will want to buy them in bulk!
Nice Products makes it easy to go green with a selection of wholesale aromatherapy candles featuring dozens of invigorating scents to fill your stores. Find wholesale scented jar candles that are conveniently packaged in attractive gift boxes that are ready to make someone's day.