Here Young readers can choose their favorite children’s book authors
Children’s Book Authors – Children’s Book of the Month®

There are children’s book authors perfect for every child

Encourage reading in your home with books penned by your favorite children’s book authors.

  • Children's poem authors come to mind if you are looking for children’s book authors who excite the love of reading in toddlers. Rhyming stories help children learn while helping them remember and resite their favorite rhyming stories.

  • Girls will treasure works by female authors.... read more

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More About Children’s Book Authors – Children’s Book of the Month® :

Female authors who write stories about girls growing up are often easy for young girls to relate to. Therefore, making reading something that is accessable to them.

  • Also pick authors who write specifically for your child's age group. Many authors release books in series. This way parents can get their child started on the path ro reading with books that are on pace for their age and skill level.

  • Children’s book authors hold a special place in the hearts of children everywhere because they write books that children will remember for a lifetime.

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