Here Wall painting techniques – Bring life to boring walls
Wall Painting Techniques – Crafter’s Choice®

Transform a room with color, texture and patterns by using various wall painting techniques

Are you tired of looking at boring walls? Well, there are a variety of books that feature various wall painting techniques to help you bring out the beauty on your walls in your home and office.

  • Wake up sleepy walls with wall painting techniques and instantly change the look and feel in your home. Learn more about faux finishes, rag and sponge painting, and much more in books that help you to make your house a home.... read more

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More About Wall Painting Techniques – Crafter’s Choice®:

  • If you feel like the walls are closing in around you, then add life to the room with a splash of color and imagination. Wall painting techniques will show you how to change the mood in any room by simply adding color, texture and patterns.

  • Wall painting techniques go beyond just the walls in your home. Try a few of the painting skills you’ve learned to liven up pottery, tables, old picture frames and benches.

  • Surround your child’s room with their favorite storybook characters, shapes, and designs. There are a number of wall painting techniques that explain how to use stencils, appliqués and other decorative painting tools to create a cool bedroom.

  • Use your walls as your canvas and express yourself with color, texture and patterns. There are a variety of books about wall painting techniques to help you bring out the best in your home, garden and office.

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