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Today's best sellers in fiction and non-fiction from the Literary Guild

For over 80 years, The Literary GuildŽ has been bringing some of the best books ever written to The Literary GuildŽ members. Exceptional fiction and nonfiction, at an affordable price, delivered right to your door - even after eight decades, that's still The Literary GuildŽ motto.

What's Inside:

Now you can enjoy the new Literary GuildŽ experience online. Still the greatest books from the top of today's best seller lists, and still discounts of up to 50% off the publisher's suggested retail price, but now more convenient, with your new Literary GuildŽ catalog of choices delivered online. No more cards to return. You select the books you want from their online catalog, and they'll be on their way to your door.

From spine-chilling ghost stories to unforgettable romances, The Literary GuildŽ brings the best of today's books to people who love to read. You'll enjoy Club editions of the same books the bookstores carry - the best science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery and inspiration - but at everyday low prices. Make room in your home for a new collection of literature when you join a long tradition with The Literary GuildŽ book club.