Nick Jr. Book Club

Let your children learn with the characters from Nick, Jr.

Nick Jr. and Scholastic Book Club have come together to bring your children a new and exciting children’s book club.

What's Inside:

Your child will love the colorful books featuring their favorite Nick Jr. characters, and fun reading, science, and math activities. Children learn colors, shapes, numbers and problem solving skills with Dora, Blue, Magenta and Diego. .

The Nick Jr Children’s Book Club was created to emphasize the play-to-learn fundamentals, giving parents and children a creative and exciting way to explore basic learning concepts. And like all Scholastic Book Clubs, you’ll receive your wonderful books, filled with new and enjoyable math, movement and reading activities delivered right to your door.

Join now and get 4 hardcover Nick Jr. Book Club books absolutely free … plus a free Backpack and a free Activity Sheet.

With your free gifts, they’ll'll also send another book starring Bob the Builder™ for you to look over. If for any reason you're not delighted with it, return it to them within seven days. You keep the free books and free gifts with their thanks..

When you keep the preview book, pay just $3.99, plus shipping and handling. Then, about every four weeks, they'll send two more storybooks on the same seven-day trial basis for just $4.99 per book, plus shipping. You may return any book you don't want, and cancel membership anytime after purchasing four shipments of two books each..

Up to three times each year, members will also receive, on approval, special Nickelodeon books or other items as they are made available. You will be notified prior to shipment with details and the price; you may cancel any shipment you do not wish to receive.

Start your child on the path to learning today!