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Romance novels, thrillers, horror stories and books you can't put down

Dorchester Publishing House is the Home of Leisure Books and Love Spell titles! Dorchester online bookstores bring you the romance novels you desire specializing in romance stories, horror thrillers and even more entertaining titles!

  • Romance stories - If you're a sucker for romance stories of love, pick up a romance book or two from Dorchester Publishing's online book stores! Get lost in lush Historical stories of romance, edgy Paranormal Romance books, mystery romance books, action-packed romantic suspense, Chick Lit, epic fantasy romance, Futuristic Romance books and so much more in a catalog filled with other gripping romantic genres!

  • Horror thrillers - Aching for some real scary stories? Head to Dorchester bookstores online to pick up a few horror books filled with tales of horror, murder and mayhem that will keep you on the edge of your seat! For globe-trotting international intrigue to edge-of-your-seat suspense, look to authors such as Gregg Loomis, Haggai Carmon, Stacy Dittrich, Sandra Ruttan.

    With horror thrillers penned by Dorchester's true Masters of the Macabre, you'll want to make sure you leave the light on, especially if you're reading in bed!

  • Award winning authors - Dorchester Publishing has a long list of Award-winning authors in their family. Find titles by the bestselling American author of over 100 historical romance novels Cassie Edwards, or romance stories by the New York Times Bestselling author Lynsay Sands. You'll also find romance books, Westerns and horror thrillers by popular authors Bobbi Smith, Marjorie Liu, Jennifer Ashley, Douglas Clegg, Edward Lee, Cotton Smith, Andrew J. Fenady, David Thompson and many other gifted writers!

  • Western stories - If you're not really into stories of romance, thrillers and horror stories, no problem. If you love everything about the Wild Wild West, Dorchester Publishing has the cowboy book for you! Sink your teeth into Louis L'amour books that chronicle the adventures of the brave men and women who settled the American frontier or take in tales told by the "Shakespeare of the Western range" and the World's most celebrated Western writer - Max Brand!
At Dorchester Publishing you can also take advantage of 6 fabulous Book Clubs featuring: Historical Romance, Love Spell Romance stories, Horror, Thrillers, Western and Hard Case Crime with plenty of whodunnit Noir Mystery! Take an adventurous or romantic journey with the book publisher who brings you intriguing romance books that will help you escape from your every day life.

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