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Adorable-Baby-Clothing - Anne Geddes

Adorable baby clothing with a whimsical, wonderful touch

Famed baby photographer and designer Anne Geddes continues to prove her artistic talents by designing best-selling, adorable baby clothing that reflects her sophisticated eye, whimsical vision and obvious love of children and motherhood.

  • Adorable baby clothing isnít all youíll find at Anne Geddes Online Gift Shop. Shop trendy looks for tots; plush, whimsical toys; artistic baby gifts and accessories; ultra-soft, ultra chic maternity wear and more -- a delightful assortment adorned with her captivating imagery.... read more

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  • Hop on this opportunity before it's too late -- take advantage of 50% off Baby Bunny Jackets! Versatile and cozy, this easy-fit velour jacket has a 100% cotton lining with the cutest bunny tail spot print and stylish satin trim detailing. The hood features enchanting bunny ears.

  • Fairytale moments and sweet dreams are made with the helping hand of this one-of-a-kind artist -- who selects only the most baby-soft materials to create warm, cozy, adorable baby clothing (including onesies, playsuits, jackets, hats, booties, bibs, snuggle sacks and more); trendsetting looks for tots (like Fairy and Daffodil dresses); and Top Top toddler shoes that match perfectly with toddler and newborn baby apparel.

  • Want to make moms-to-be feel even more comfortable? -- check out this artist's maternity line! Itís chic, comfortable and above allÖADORABLE.

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