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Alphabet learning activities teach young children their letters

When children learn to love reading at a young age, it helps them succeed in school. Alphabet learning activities are a great way to teach youngsters their letters, leading to literary awareness that will stick with them for life.

  • Children are eager to learn and when you make it fun for them, it doesn't even feel like work. Alphabet learning activities are entertaining and will hold a child's interest.... read more

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Choose puzzle blocks, alphabet fun frogs, alphabet bingo or alphabet stamps as a start. Games make it fun and easy to learn. Young kids will learn all of their letters in no time with such educational tools!

  • Learning Resources has a huge selection of alphabet learning activities, all geared toward your child's particular way of learning. Does your little girl like lacing letters on chains? She can do that with Smart Snacks ABC treats and eat her letters after she learns them! Or do you have a catch fan at home? If so, alphabet bean bags make for a great game of toss and catch. Bilingual children can learn with Spanish learning activities as well.

  • Start your child on a lifetime love of books and reading with alphabet learning activities that will teach and entertain.

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