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Fun chemistry projects teach kids in an entertaining way

Kids can uncover dozens of scientific discoveries with fun chemistry projects that teach and entertain! Edmund Scientific helps children learn about science in a hands-on way that they'll love.

  • Encourage your child's curiosity with fun chemistry projects that teach her about the world of science. Grow your own magic garden within hours or try to decipher the gravity-defying moon blob gel! Projects that will give kids a head start in chemistry include soda pop science, rubber flubber experiment kit, goofy glowing gel experiment kit or the chemistry blast kit.... read more

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  • Foster a love of learning early and it will stay with them for life! Fun chemistry projects let children get firsthand experience with science, from My First Chemistry Kit to Fizzy Foamy Science Lab and so much more. Kids of all ages will enjoy projects they can do on their own or with help from Mom and Dad.

  • With fun chemistry projects ranging from the simple to the complex and covering many different aspects of science, children can learn while they're having a great time!

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