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Personalized party favors add life to any party

  • Make your next party really special with a personalized party favor. They have over 60 items to choose from, all at reasonable prices (most between $3.50- $6.95). Water bottles and sipper cups, room signs, beach bucket sets, carrying cases, wallets, placemats, pencil cases, Frisbees, and much, much more. These party favors are built to last and make a lasting and favorable remeberance of the party.... read more

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    they even offer gift wrapping.

      Why give the same old party favors that everyone else gives, or give a bunch of candy. This year give a unique happy Kids personalized party favor and end your child’s birthday party on a high note. Children really love to get something special with their name on it. It makes them feel special and appreciated. All of their products come with an unconditional guarantee so you can be sure you will be happy with the finished product.

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