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Alyce Designs dresses are distinguished evening wear at its best

You'll look and feel like a dream in a dress by Alyce Designs. Known for their incredible detail and exquisite design, Alyce Designs dresses are for the woman who wants excellence in her evening wear. Get ready to make an entrance and a statement in one of these gorgeous gowns perfect for all of your special occasions.

  • Alyce Designs dresses are special - These dresses are as unique as the women who wear them.... read more

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You'll feel like a one-of-a-kind beauty once you slip into a gown this gorgeous. Supple and smooth, long gowns will drape over your every curve and make you feel feminine and beautiful. Or go for short and flirty dresses that show off lovely legs. Whichever style you prefer, you'll find an Alyce Design to suit you.

  • Find the dress for you - With so many colors, cuts, fabrics and styles to choose from, any woman can find the perfect dress for her! Maybe you love simple, sophisticated designs. You'll find it. Perhaps dresses full of detail are more your style. You'll find that, too. With Alyce Designs dresses, every woman will be satisfied, whether she likes long, slinky gowns that hug the body like a second skin, or whether she loves flirty dresses that beg to be the center of attention.

  • Perfect for any special occasion - Bridal wear, prom, gala, charity ball, holiday party -- they all require special occasion wear. Find all of your evening wear needs in one place: LaMonir. The semi-formal and formal dresses you'll find here will meet and exceed your fashionable expectations. For your next after-five event, get ready to wow everyone when you walk in wearing one of these exquisite Alyce Designs dresses.

  • Need something extra special for that next special event? Find it here. Distinguished and elegant, these dresses are for the woman who wants to make a dramatic entrance, with all eyes on her!

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