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Smokey Bear Hats - Woodland Catalog

Smokey Bear hats are great for kids and adults

Who doesn't love Smokey Bear? Now you can have him and his important fire safety message with you wherever you go when you wear cool Smokey Bear hats.

  • If you want to keep the sun off of your face, choose Smokey Bear hats in ranger, baseball, embroidered and happy camper styles. The brim will shield you from the sun, while the hat expresses unique sayings, such as "May the Forest be With You" or "Only You.... read more

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More About Smokey Bear Hats - Woodland Catalog:

" Smokey's familiar face will smile back at you on these comfortable, adjustable caps that raise environmental awareness at the same time they protect you from the sun.

  • If you need hats to keep you warm in the winter, then Smokey Bear hats are also available in knitted designs, all featuring vibrant colors, black trim and Smokey's friendly face. Kids and adults can also choose a ranger hat, which imitates a ranger's headgear. With such a wide selection of Smokey Bear hats from Woodland Catalog, you're sure to find the perfect hat for you!

  • For anyone who cares about forests, fire prevention and environmental awareness, these hats are a great way to show it.

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