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Decorative art supplies bring your creativity to life

Whether you love working with clay, paints, metallics or paper, there are decorative art supplies for your unique hobby. AMACO carries a wide variety of supplies whether your passion is sculpting, pottery or painting!

  • Decorative art supplies come in various forms, just as arts and crafts do. You'll find supplies here that cover different art forms, depending on your needs.... read more

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Choose from scrapbooking products, liquid metallics, modeling clays, other modeling materials, plastic modeling material, beadmaking tools, glow in the dark paints, fabric dyes and much more!

  • Create your own jewelery, sculptures, figurines, pottery and more with decorative art supplies that are perfect for children or adults. Whether it's just a hobby or you create for a business, these supplies and books are exactly what you need to turn out stunning, unique works that you'll be proud of.

  • When you have the right decorative art supplies on hand, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork is so much easier. Find the right supplies and accessories for your favorite artistic endeavor and let your creativity come to life!

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