Here Paper mache crafts are fun and easy to make
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Paper mache crafts allow for easy creative fun

Turn a plain item into a one-of-a-kind item with simple paper mache crafts.

  • Create unique accessories - Start with a plain purse or picture frame and add your unique touch to turn it into an artistic masterpiece. Paper mache crafts become interesting creations limited only by your imagination.

  • Paper mache crafts for the holidays - Make your own holiday decor with paper mache boots, stars, pumpkins, balls, gingerbread men and boxes.... read more

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More About Paper Mache Crafts - Sunshine Discount Crafts:

Starting with the same base, you can create simple or wild designs on the same type objects.

  • Great for kids' crafts - Inexpensive paper mache makes for perfect children's crafting projects. They'll love putting their personal stamp on sandal boxes, frames, eggs and magic wands.

  • Make your own gift containers - Why buy gift boxes, baskets and wine boxes when you can create your own? Decorate these paper mache items your way, making the art part of your gift.

  • Sunshine Discount Crafts offers paper mache crafts that children and adults can enjoy.

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