Cheerleading by GTM Sportswear

Cheerleading gear and dance uniforms with flair

If you're looking for snazzy cheerleading and dance uniforms, you've come to the right place.

What's Inside:

  • Cheerleading uniforms- Find the most colorful, spirit inspiring cheerleading uniforms in a variety of shapes and styles featuring their exclusive sequin designs. From spirit flex crop tops to A-line cheerleading skirts, outfit your entire squad in uniforms showcasing their team colors as well as their team pride.

  • Get the squad together with cheerleading warm ups for everyone - It's nice when you can match the girls cheerleading uniforms with cheerleading warmups for a complete outfit. Cheerleading warm ups are great to wear to practice or to and from games and competitions.

  • Add the right accessories to your cheerleading uniforms - Cheerleading outfits need the right accessories, like matching hair bows, cheerleading shoes, or cheerleading pom poms in coordinated colors. Each cheerleading pom pom also has a choice of several handles so you can choose the grip you like best.

  • Find loads of cheerleading pom poms - You can't imagine how many different color combos there are. The bullseye cheerleading pompoms are especially cool, but you can find metallic ones, or order custom made pompoms in colors to match your cheerleading uniforms.

  • Make your own cheerleading costumes with coordinated separates - Although packaged cheerleading and dance uniforms are always cool, maybe you want to create your own. Curl up with your friends and your free cheerleading catalogs from GTM, and pick the tops you like, then match them up with cheerleader skirts and shorts to come up with your own unique look.

  • Complete your look for competition - It's not just about the cheerleading clothing. Your entire look has to come together to exude cheer. With the right cheerleading makeup, for instance, you can add sparkles, glitter and a touch of dewiness to your face for competitions or games.
Get the full package, complete with cheerleading pom poms.