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Student award pins reward achievement and success

Motivate students to reach greater heights with student award pins that reward them for their hard work. Kids will wear these colorful pins with pride!

  • When kids go above and beyond, it's nice to award them for their efforts. Student award pins cover a variety of areas, including honor roll, safety patrol, star students, reading success, attendance, citizenship, character, leadership and special awards.... read more

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Children can be even more inspired to try hard in school when they know they'll be rewarded for their efforts.

  • For students who've come a long way during the school year, student award pins are a wonderful way to show how proud you are of their achievements. A child who's made great strides in reading, math, penmanship or any other subject area will appreciate the acknowledgment during awards ceremonies and school assemblies. Teachers and principals can use these pins as motivation and inspiration!

  • It's Elementary supplies teachers and educators with a variety of student award pins that reward hard workers in a beautiful way.

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