Didax Educational Resources

Math, language arts, fun games and character education resources

Didax is dedicated to providing the best in teacher lesson plans, math games, language skills & social development skills.

What's Inside:
  • Fun math games -- When children are having fun, they learn more. That's why Didax supplements their excellent selection of reproducible math worksheets with educational math games that teach through play.

  • Character education activities --During the past year or two, parents and teachers have seen a subject called "character education" added to the curriculum at many schools. Didax has the character education lesson plans teachers need to implement within their school programs, to stop bullying, or to teach the essential values of social responsibility and integrity. Choose from a variety of tools, including interactive character education games, materials needed to develop a program for teaching manners, and other innovative character education activities and teacher lesson plans.

  • Reading and language lesson plans -- Choose from the most effective reading comprehension lesson plans, social studies worksheets, everyday math worksheets and other lesson plans and exercises. Teachers and parents will be delighted with the progress students make, and the students will enjoy the feeling of success that can only come from mastering a new concept. Materials are available for all grades, from kindergarten lesson plans to advanced math materials for high school students.

  • Math manipulatives -- Your students will love learning math with the hands-on approach Unifix cubes and Geofix geometry materials offer. They have the books and pattern cards and fun math games that teachers and parents need to turn abstract math concepts into things students can see, feel and manipulate.
There are many teacher stores and teacher supply catalogs. But when having the very best educational resources matters to you - from fun math games and an interactive manners lesson plan to really effective reading comprehension activities and children's educational software --- you want Didax.

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