Family & Home Economics by Nasco

Home economics teaching, lesson plans and curriculum and home economics supplies

Family and Home Economics by Nasco is the Nasco catalog that makes home economics teaching easier than setting the kitchen table! Fill your home economics curriculum with life lessons that will help your students on their path to adulthood with home economics lesson plans and supplies for a wide range of home-ec topics.

  • Home economics teaching - Every day, Family and Home Economics by Nasco prepares students for the future by helping them discover and nurture their capabilities while developing their own resources to be used later in their personal lives as adults. Whether their goals are to be a mother, a homemaker or to pursue a specific career path, Nasco's home economics teaching tools help them recognize their true potential.

  • Home economics supplies - For educators teaching home economics, Nasco brings you everything but the kitchen sink! Find supplies for your home-ec classes including kitchen tools and appliances from blenders to toasters, ovens to cutlery, plus cleaning supplies, irons, sewing supplies and more!

  • Home economics lesson plans - Home economics teaching are easy with Nasco's 50 Lessons Over Easy series - one handy manual that contains 50 lesson plans and activities that will help your home economics class come alive while teaching a wide variety of lessons from parenting to making budgets, food preparation and other valuable home economic exercises!

  • Family life education - The real world is a lot harder than it looks to a teenager. Nasco prepares your home-ec class for all of the challenges of real life with tools focused on family life education including the Ready-or-Not Tot! They'll learn everything there is to know about babies with a real life baby that cries, coos, burps and needs regular diaper changes!
If your home economics teaching curriculum requires supplies and equipment that will cover all of the basics of family planning, meal preparation and consumer sciences, depend on Family Home and Education by Nasco to bring it all home.

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