PCI Education

Special education and ELL materials, lesson plans and resources

PCI Education believes that education should empower children to succeed in the classroom and in the real world. That's why their products reflect a unique early childhood educational philosophy - use examples and situations from real life to teach children essential skills and realistic applications. Nowhere is this more important than in the special education and at-risk classroom. Check out their at-risk, early childhood and special education resources.

What's Inside:
  • Special education lessons - Turn to PCI for the latest in special education resources for the elementary and secondary classroom. Their selection of primary teaching resources includes special education lesson plans, software, books and practice materials

  • Materials and instructional strategies for ELL classrooms - The PCI catalog has hundreds of ELL activities, resources and interactives designed for the student struggling with English comprehension, Now teachers have more options than ever in reaching students who need to master academic materials in science, math, social studies and life skills, but lack the mastery of the English language required to use standard text books. Their products offer educators new and exciting instructional strategies for ELL classrooms.

  • At-risk special education resources - Reach your at-risk students with materials designed to reach children in need of interventions and remediation. From real life lessons for teens on topics like love and dating to racial tension and problem solving, to work skills materials, teachers dealing with at-risk kids can incorporate these interactive real-world based products into their special education lesson plans to reach these students in ways ordinary school books cannot.

  • Exciting additions to your elementary math lesson plans - The experts at PCI have gathered an exciting array of new math classroom games and activities that teach math concepts through the application of math to real life situations. From "shopping" with coupons to interactive CD's and worksheets that teach math with rock music, each item in their huge catalog has been selected to get kids excited about learning.

  • Reading fluency activities and resources - If you're wondering how to get kids involved in developing reading skills, PCI has the answer. Check out their reading teacher supplies and materials including books that combine essential vocabulary and reading comprehension with social awareness and real life issues. Use them as part of a series of guided reading activities and your students will become involved in the story and the issues. Perfect as part of an integrated thematic curriculum.

Bring a whole new feel into your secondary, elementary and early childhood lesson plans with the real-world based focus at PCI education. Your classroom is about to become a much more exciting place to learn.