Summit Pre K & Kindergarten

Supplies for preschool and kindergarten with math activities, learning games and more

Experience the Summit difference with discount prices every day on the most popular preschool and kindergarten products available! You'll find preschool supplies, kindergarten learning games and a wide range of learning toys, manipulatives, puzzles, music and movement, dramatic play, teaching materials and other activities totally fun for early learners, only at Summit Pre-K & Kindergarten!

What's Inside:
  • Preschool supplies - With all products carefully chosen specifically for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, you'll find everything you need to keep your early learners happy and smiling with preschool lesson plans that incorporate preschool activities and entertaining games! Summit Pre-K & Kindergarten has all facets of curriculum from preschool math activities to storytime activities and other informative preschool supplies!

  • Kindergarten learning games - Fill your kindergarten lesson plans with the coolest and most entertaining kindergarten activities your class has ever seen! Choose from books, worksheets and kindergarten learning games they'll love even more than recess! Let the Kindergarten games begin!

  • Preschool arts and crafts - Extend preschool learning to all of your Van Goghs of tomorrow with a vibrant supply of preschool crafts and preschool art projects. Teach kindergarten kids how to color inside the lines with tons and tons of crayons or help them create paper and glue arts and crafts projects to hang on the refrigerator door! Summit even has teeny tiny artists smocks to keep those precious preschoolers spotless while creating their masterpieces!

  • Kindergarten crafts - Color them happy with a winning selection of kindergarten arts and crafts! Summit Pre-K and Kindergarten has an art studio's supply of crayons, markers, paints, easels, scissors, chalk and paper that will give your kindergarten class hours and hours of creative and imaginative enjoyment!

  • Preschool science & Kindergarten science - You're never too young to start learning about the joys of science! Find fun kindergarten and preschool lessons that teach children about the human body, good nutrition, animals, nature, insects and more! Mini preschool scientists will learn about sand and water with Space Sand, explore the powers of magnetism with magnetic kits and enjoy other scientific breakthroughs!
Summit's Pre-K & Kindergarten catalog features preschool supplies and kindergarten learning games that promote hands-on kindergarten and preschool learning from literacy and math to science and arts and crafts. Your little learners will enjoy dramatic play, preschool math activities and math games for the kindergarten classroom, puzzles, manipulatives, large motor development, music and movement, audiovisual and more, plus an impressive selection of teacher resources to make teaching preschool lessons a snap!