Candy baskets - Fun candy bouquets and candy gift baskets for all occasions

Wow them with a sweet candy explosion of's insanely delicious candy gifts that are overflowing with traditional candy favorites, gourmet chocolates and unique confections. You will find artfully designed candy bouquets, gourmet chocolate candy baskets and much more.

What's Inside:
  • Candy baskets - From whimsical to sophisticated, features candy baskets and candy bouquets in a wide range of styles and candy varieties to suit any candy lover's taste. Your giftees will be delighted with their candy coated arrangements including candy bar cakes, movie themed candy gift baskets and other unique candy collections!

  • Candy bouquets - Treat them to a candy bouquet that is sweeter than any bouquet of sweet smelling flowers. From lollipop candy bouquets for your favorite teacher, to huggable bear candy bouquets for a sick loved one, they are guaranteed to be all smiles when they receive a gourmet candy bouquet from!

  • Candy party favors - Send your party guests home with decadent treats that are perfect for Birthdays, Weddings and sweet Baby Showers. has a mouth-watering selection of party favors including individually wrapped and personalized candy bars, Mon-Oreo-Grams and Mono-Grahams monogrammed picture cookies, adorable chocolate covered apples dressed like the bride and groom and more favorable candy treats!

  • Movie gift baskets - Enjoy a night at the movies at home with a movie themed candy basket filled with your favorite movie theater candy confections! Rave Review baskets and Double Feature candy gift baskets are blasted with chewy candy, yummy popcorn and more treats ideal for any special feature! Customize and add a Blockbuster gift card for even more film fun!

  • Corporate candy baskets & bouquets - Whether you're thanking them for a job well done or trying to sweeten up new business prospects, has a selection of corporate candy baskets and candy bouquets filled with classic candy favorites that will charm any business associate, both new or old.
Enjoy the sweet life with candy baskets designed for every gift-giving occasion in your life. You'll find something for everyone at, from delightful candy bouquets that are a work of art to chocolate candy baskets for birthdays, sick loved ones and movie fans, always at great prices.