Hands-on science for kids and grown-up kids

Hundreds of science experiments for kids of all ages, science gadgets, tools and supplies…. you'll find it all in the Xump catalog and online science store, including:

  • Science geek toys - If you love science, you'll love Xump. Wear your science geek label proudly as you shop their amazing collection of complex and simple science projects, scientific supplies and tools to explore your world from the tiniest protozoa to the vastness of the skies.

    What's Inside:

  • A catalog full of great science fair project ideas - The Xump catalog is loaded with kits, supplies and projects just ready to become award-winning science fair ideas. Browse their online and print gadget catalogs for pages and pages of science experiments for kids - use them as a starting point for your own original science project ideas.

  • Hands-on science kits - Kids learn by doing. That's why Xump includes dozens of science kits that let children handle, try, and see science in action. From fossil science kits to forensic science, seed growing, and crystal kits, each set brings together the supplies and information children need to understand the world around them.

  • Science gifts for girls and boys of all ages - You're never too old for the wonders of science. And it's never too early to wow your children with cool science experiments. That's why Xump is the perfect place to find gifts for curious people of all ages, from easy science experiments to all the supplies they need for their own cool science projects and inventions.

  • Elementary science activities for the classroom - Teachers, bring your science lessons to life with space, geology, biology, chemistry, and magnet science projects. Or choose from dozens of other interactive science kits, projects and experiments to introduce your students to the magic of science.

  • Nature and science homeschool activities - Homeschoolers will love Xump's selection of cool science projects - perfect for taking science from ideas in a book to unforgettable experience. Whether you use them as part of your individual homeschool curriculum, or in co-op classes, they are ideal choices for homeschool students of all ages.

From exciting science fair project ideas, to the latest science toys, Xump brings science to life.