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Self defense products from pepper spray and tasers to home security surveillance systems

It's better to be safe than sorry, Defense Pro USA makes it their job to keep you protected. Find state of the art tasers for sale, buy pepper spray for your pocket or purse, or a new home security surveillance system to ensure the safety of your entire family.

  • Home security surveillance system - There's nothing like a master home security surveillance system to help you and your family get a good night's sleep.

    What's Inside:
    Find a surveillance cam for all of your personal needs whether it's a cheating spouse, nighttime invaders or capturing an abusive babysitter with a nanny cam. If you want to keep an extra eye on your business or home whether you're there or not, Defense Pro USA's home surveillance cameras are top of the line.

  • Buy pepper spray - You're walking down the street and notice someone is following you. Feel better with pepper spray devices that are expertly disguised in small every day items like a tube of lipstick, a pager, pens or rings. Buy pepper spray in foam, gels, foggers and walk confidently knowing you have protection.

  • Tasers for sale - Find taser guns that combine the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power- able to stop a threat at up to 15 feet away! Choose from the Taser C2 model in a variety of colors, advanced tasers, and taser gun accessories like holsters, batteries and cartridges.

  • Survival knives - Carrying a full line of Hunting, Tactical, and Survival Knives as well as Samurai Swords, Throwing Knives and Axes. Choose from Cold Steel Knives, Al-Mar, Smith and Wesson, Buck, Browning, Gerber, Boker, Benchmade Knives, BlackHawk Blades, 5.11 Tactical Series and many others.

  • Stunguns - For an effective non-lethal personal self defense option, find stunguns that rely on stored energy to disrupt an attacker's neurological impulses that control muscle movement. Available as batons, flashlights, and cell phones in various voltage and sizes, choose from the Z-Force, Stun Master Hot Shot, the Knuckle Blaster and more sturdy models.

  • Law enforcement equipment - Outfitting civilians as well as law enforcement professionals, buy pepper spray, holsters, pouches, gloves, sabre defense, tactical vests, handcuffs, gear bags, helmet accessories, tactical watches, and hundreds of other law enforcement and military tactical equipment and tasers for sale to keep you safe and prepared on the job.
If you need to buy taser gun devices, tactical gear, personal alarms or the best names in professional surveillance equipment, the Pros at Defense Pro USA will help you sleep better at night knowing you're fully protected.