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Flags on sticks are portable ways to display your patriotism

Whether you need one or thousands, flags on sticks are a lightweight, portable way to show your true colors. Use these for parades, groups and patriotic celebrations year-round.

  • For Fourth of July parades, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day or anytime you want to wave your own flag, flags on sticks are great for individuals as well as large groups.... read more

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Order in small sets or in huge sets that are perfect for town celebrations. Everyone can have their own flag to wave as floats, veterans or active military pass by!

  • Flags on sticks are available in different sizes. The small size works for schoolchildren and adults, too. Larger sizes are just as portable. The more flags you need, the more economical it becomes, so for classes, groups or clubs, you'll find the perfect number of flags that you'll be proud to wave over and over again!

  • You don't have to wait for patriotic holidays to wave your own flags on sticks. Armstrong Flag Company has the size and quantity you need, so get ready to wave your red, white and blue flags anytime.

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