Annie's Heirloom Seeds

Grow an amazing garden with the finest heirloom vegetable seeds and flower seeds

Plant this year's crop and preserve next year's crop with bulk heirloom vegetable seeds and Annie's heirloom flower seeds, including the most rare and hard-to-find varieties.

What's Inside:
  • Vegetables - From fresh from the vine tomatoes for salads to hot and sweet peppers for stir fries, Annie's Heirloom Seed catalog will help you grow the veggies your garden (and taste buds) have been craving. Bring the produce aisle to your own backyard by growing your own fresh artichokes, Asian vegetables, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, herbs and grains, plus lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and all of the leafy greens you can eat. You'll also find options that will help you grow your own mouthwatering fruits including juicy strawberries, ripe melons and watermelons, tomatoes, eggplants, and more.

  • Seed Banks - Stock up on convenient seeds bank kits that will ensure that your garden is always rich and thriving. You'll receive 30,000 heirloom vegetable seeds that have been dried to 5% humidity and packed in triple-layer mylar bags that will keep them preserved for up to 10 years of storage. You'll also receive a helpful growing instruction guide and a waterproof bucket for simple storing. Here is what you won't get - hybrids or GMOs, ever.

  • Flowers - Besides featuring a hearty selection of veggie seeds in stock, you'll also find an A to Z variety of annual and perennial heirloom flower seeds that will bring forth beautiful blossoms throughout the seasons. From dahlias and daisies to pansies and petunias, you'll find a colorful collection of options that are guaranteed to add charm, beauty, and visual interest to any garden.

  • Gardening Supplies & Books - You'll find everything you need to get down in the dirt including organic fertilizers and pesticides, gardening hats and gloves, seed starting, saving and preserving supplies that will help you grow, store and save your seeds, season after season. Flip through step by step planting books that will help you troubleshoot, problem solve, and whip up tasty recipes using fresh ingredients that come right from your very own garden.
Annie's Heirloom Seed catalog continues their honored family tradition of delivering non hybrid, old fashioned heirloom vegetable seeds that offer better nutrition, better taste, and a better value, available by the packet, in bulk orders or in convenient banks that will feed up to a family of four.