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High tech garden supply - DIY hydroponics systems and indoor gardening supplies

Innovative high tech garden supply products and DIY hydroponics for earth-friendly gardening indoors and outdoors.

What's Inside:
  • Hydroponic supplies and components - The Worm's Way gardeners catalog is your online source for high quality hydroponic supplies and equipment for all of your organic indoor and outdoor gardening needs. Find the right high tech garden supplies that will utilize your green gardening thumb, featuring innovative hydroponic systems and kits from General Hydroponics and Bontanicare, plus tray, multi-pot and monster DIY hydroponics systems. You'll also find an eco-friendly selection of hydroponic components including an assortment of aerators and filters, hydroponic nutrients, portable garden rooms and fertilizers, as well as non-hydroponic seeds, soils, amendments, and more organic gardening essentials.

  • Hydroponic and Indoor Garden Lighting - Shine the right light on everything you plant with specialized hydroponic lighting equipment that encourages growth, fruiting and flowering. You'll find a well lit selection of fluorescent lighting, HID lamps, HID reflectors and Ballasts, as well as a helpful series of lighting accessories from light controllers, transformers and light meters to digital and intermatic timers, light rails and kits, high power relays and even more high tech garden lighting supplies.

  • Hydroponic & Organic Nutrients - The Worm's Way gardeners catalog has your garden covered with a wide range of hydroponics nutrients that will supply your plants with the premium nutrients they need in order to flourish and thrive. Choose from a wide selection of stimulators, growth fortifiers, regulators and kits that will help you grow and maintain both your indoor and outdoor gardens. Browse their high tech garden supply for a variety of pest and disease control solutions that will keep your flowers, fruits, plants, trees and shrubs healthy and happy right down to their roots.

  • Gardening tools, watering supplies & more - Stock up on a garden variety of must-have basics including gardening gloves, shears, snips, and scissors, plentiful pots, containers and more items that will help your garden grow. Choose from handy watering sprayers and pistons to water wands, faucet connectors, mists, measuring cups, pitchers, water timers, drip irrigation items and more watering supplies that will ensure that your flowers and plants receive the right amount of hydration each and every day. You'll also find a library of gardening books, guides, handbooks and manuals that will lead you down the garden path to successful DIY hydroponics.
Worm's Way is committed to supporting and advancing earth-friendly gardening indoors and outdoors by offering the finest selection of innovative year-round gardening products. Cultivate your own hydroponic gardens efficiently and effortlessly with the high tech garden supply products that make it easy for gardeners of all levels to grow green.