Alternative Garden Supply

Keep your garden or greenhouse organic and earth-friendly

Garden the eco-friendly way with Alternative Garden Supply's collection of natural, organic, and low impact gardening options.

What's Inside:
  • Hydroponic grow systems -- Their innovative hydroponic gardening supplies let you grow fresh vegetables and herbs in your home or office, without the mess of traditional soil-based growing methods.

  • Indoor grow lights -- Few homes have enough light to grow healthy plants without the addition of grow lights. Choose fixed or portable compact grow lights to give your indoor plants the light levels they need to thrive.

  • Rooting and seeding supplies -- Give new seedlings a healthy start with a propagation tray, the right growing media and essential nutrients. Start your new crop from cuttings with the right rooting dips and gels to ensure rapid, healthy root growth.

  • Plant cloning materials and equipment -- Cloning plants is easier and faster with the right cloning equipment. Select a JetClone machine for maximum growth in minimum time, and more dependable growth results.

  • Natural pest control -- Control pests and infestations the natural way with Pyrethrum and other plant-based pesticides and beneficial insects like green lacewings and lady bugs.

  • Irrigation supplies -- Keep your greenhouse plants irrigated with a minimum of water waste with efficient mist and drip systems and other irrigation tools.

Gardening shouldn't be energy and resource intensive. Alternative Gardening shows you how to garden the safer, greener low-impact way with the right tools, supplies and equipment for your home, office or greenhouse garden.

Hydropolics and organic home farming have become a way of life and popular hobby for gardeners around the world. Alternative Gardening Supply can assist the modern gardener with all their needs from hydroponic grow systems and cloning machines to a propagation tray and eco-friendly insecticides. Now your garden can be healthy for you and the planet.