Everything you need for year round care of your pool

Keep your pool swim-ready in summer and protected in winter with swimming pool supplies and equipment.

What's Inside:
  • Wintertime pool supplies online --Properly winterizing a swimming pool is easy when you have the right advice and the right equipment. Let PoolClick show you how to winterize an above ground pool, or in-ground pool with seasonal pool covers and specialized winterizing chemicals.

  • Swimming pool filters -- Replace older, less efficient pool filters with the latest in pool care technology. Choose the filters or replacement parts best for your in-ground and above ground swimming pools, and keep the water crystal clear all season long.

  • Pool heaters -- Extend the season for your pool when you install a new pool heater. Select a propane, gas or heat pump version from their inventory of essential pool supplies online, and enjoy your pool long after your neighbors have closed theirs up for the year.

  • Swimming pool vacuum -- Whether you prefer manual or automatic pool cleaners, PoolClick has the vacuums, skimmers and other pool cleaners needed to keep your pool free from debris, dirt and leaves.

  • Pool accessories -- Make the pool a fun and safe place to spend the summer with pool toys, floats and safety swimming pool supplies. Choose rescue rings, vests and pool alarms for your family's security, and floats for relaxing summer fun.

  • Pool covers --
  • Cut your cleaning time and keep your pool free from leaves and other blowing debris when you use the right above ground or inground pool covers. Or choose a solar cover and keep the water warmer on chilly days without using your pool's heater.

From patch kits for pool liners and pool toys to new swimming pool filters and winterizing kits, keep your pool just perfect year round with products from PoolClick.com.