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Initial Cell Phone Charms - Add A Link Of Charm

Initial cell phone charms make fantastic accessories

Now you can really put your personal stamp on your cell phone with these unique initial cell phone charms from Add A Link Of Charm. Get one for the first initial in your first, middle or last name. Switch them up if you feel like it! These fun and flirty cell phone accessories are an inexpensive way to add some bling to your phone.

  • Initial cell phone charms are fun - These accessories are great for teen girls and women who want a shiny add-on to their cell phones.... read more

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Place them on your phone's antenna and never mistake yours for someone else's again. Pretty Austrian crystals throughout these charms make them a lovely and delightful accessory that young ladies will love.

  • Looking for a gift idea? - What do you get the young lady who has everything? These initial cell phone charms are so inexpensive and easy to buy, you can present these to a daughter, girlfriend, wife, niece or sister anytime, not just for a special occasion. In addition, you can afford to buy more than one! If she's always getting her phone mixed up with someone else's, an initial charm is a great way to identify her phone as uniquely hers.

  • Feminine and flirty - If she loves shiny and bright accessories, these cute little charms will satisfy! Whether her name is Britney, Heather, Gail, Anna, Rose or Denise, there's an initial charm made just for her. If she prefers initial cell phone charms for her last name, that's fine, too. You'll find all of the letters of the alphabet.

  • For unique accessories that add sparkle to your life, these initial charms for cell phones are the perfect way to add some bling in an affordable way! Whether you use them on your phone or as cool zipper pulls, you'll know that it's yours on first glance. It's the one with your shiny initial on it!

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