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A military award display celebrates distinguished military careers

Instead of putting your medals and awards away, showcase them in a military award display so that everyone can see how well you served your country.

  • If you've always wondered just how you could exhibit your special military medals, here's the perfect solution: a military award display in the form of a beautifully crafted large, glass top table.... read more

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Your awards will be protected, but fully visible along with the American flag. This is a wonderfully patriotic showpiece that will add to any home's beauty.

  • Customize your military award display table for your particular branch of the armed forces, including Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines or Coast Guard. A distinctive bronze plaque is available for each, allowing you to create a special display that celebrates your time spent serving your country in a honorable way.

  • United Displays of America is proud to present the perfect military award display piece for any military member or real patriot.

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