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Music boxes for girls make beautiful and memorable gifts

Girls of all ages will love the selection of music boxes for girls that make lovely gifts for any special occasion. Adorned with ballerinas, fairies, teddy bears and other sweet features, these musical boxes will make any girl happy.

  • Do you have a young dancer in your life? If so, she's sure to love music boxes for girls that are sweet and cheerful.... read more

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These feminine jewelry boxes will play a delightful tune every time she opens the lid. Silver, white, pink and blue are just a few of the soft and pretty colors you'll find. You can also choose from solid wooden music boxes that are elegant and beautiful.

  • Twirling and spinning ballerinas add a lovely touch to these music boxes for girls. Choose from mini boxes to large boxes--whether she has a small amount of jewelry or a lot, there's a musical jewelry box perfectly sized for her. These whimsical boxes make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations, baptisms, christenings or anytime!

  • Music Box Attic has a wonderful selection of music boxes for girls that are sure to please any special girl in your life.

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