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Make your special day festive with wedding favor bubbles

Once the couple has tied the knot, it’s time to start celebrating with wedding favor bubbles. Wedding bubbles are a nice alternative to traditional rice throw after the wedding ceremony. Enjoy delicate bubbles as they drift into the air and gently glide around the room creating a beautiful sight.

  • Wedding favor bubbles come in different bottle shapes to match any wedding theme.... read more

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Bubbles in a champagne flute shape gives guest a reason to “toast” the new couple with a cloud of bubbles. For Western themes, consider Cowboy boot bubbles and nature lovers will love the butterfly bubbles.

  • Bring out the kid in every guest with wedding favor bubbles that will put a smile on everyone's face. Young and old will have fun blowing hundreds of delicate, shimmering bubbles around the room. These bubbles create a lovely background for wedding day pictures.

  • Kids can join in the fun and blow wedding favor bubbles because they're non-toxic and do not stain fabrics. Now, the entire wedding party can enjoy good old-fashioned fun that’s safe and leaves everyone in good spirits.

  • Add a little excitement after the wedding ceremony with wedding favor bubbles that glide, float and soar into the air creating a wonderful bubble shower that gently cascades down onto the crowd.

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