Acacia Catalog

Inspirational & spiritual gifts, jewelry, decor and women's apparel

Exceptional inspirational gifts, serenity-focused home decor and other unique gifts for women and men.

What's Inside:
  • Inspirational jewelry -- Wear a bit of wisdom each day when you choose from Acacia's collection of jewelry featuring beautiful gemstones, artistic designs and inspirational quotations. Their inspirational jewelry is the ideal gift to mark a milestone, celebrate a special event, or simply reflect your growing level of spiritual awareness.

  • Serene Zen style decorating -- Bring the peaceful serenity of contemporary and Asian inspired decor to your home with beautiful scenic photography, innovative sculptures, and artwork featuring inspirational quotations. From unique doormats created from river rocks to elegant accent furnishings, Acacia offers inspirational gifts and decor accessories for your beautiful home.

  • Bedding and bath accessories -- Creating a private space that reflects your inner search for health, peace and spiritual growth begins with bedding and accessories that surround you in soothing colors, soft fabrics and inspiring designs. Choose natural cotton blankets, silk pillowcases and subtly hued bed dressings to begin and end each day in comfort.

  • Exercise and fitness wear -- Make starting or staying with a fitness routine easier with flexible, comfortable exercise and yoga clothing and workout shoes. Their selection of exercise DVD's, accessories and clothing make perfect gifts for mom, a sister, or the special friends in your life. Each of these unique women's gifts will help keep the women in your life healthier for years to come.

  • Gifts for the many stages of a woman's life -- Celebrate each year with unique women's gifts designed to address the special needs of every age. Browse their collection of inspirational word gifts, sexual health products and change of life apparel for the perfect gift for each woman on your list.

From lovely engraved inspirational gifts featuring powerful and inspiring quotes to the healthy comfort of Earth Shoes and yoga apparel, Acacia is dedicated to supporting your physical and spiritual well being.