Before & After

Inspirational pocket stones, angel tokens and gift pocket crosses

Inspirational messages are a wonderful way to remember a big moment or provide support on a difficult day. Give the special people in your life thoughtful inspirational gifts.

What's Inside:

  • Pocket crosses - A pocket cross is a perfect way to share your faith with friends and family. This tiny religious gift is the perfect choice for sending in a birthday card, or including with a message of support. Keep a few extra pocket crosses with you, and you'll be ready whenever the moment calls for a token of faith.

  • Saint and angel pocket tokens - Just looking at an angel or saint coin can make a day a little brighter. Choose a lovely pewter Angel In My Pocket coin or a saint token to help you remember the power of prayer every time you reach into your pocket.

  • Inspirational word plaques - Find the right message for the moment when you choose one of Before & After's inspirational plaques. Select an inspirational message about friendship, faith, life, aging or love for yourself or someone special.

  • Stones with inspirational messages - Create a personal message of faith and spirituality when you select stones engraved with words like prayer, trust, dream or friendship. Or use them as inspirational messages on your desk, on a windowsill, or arranged on a dresser.

  • Personalized stones - Put your own message on a stone. These custom engraved stones make unique wedding favors, party mementos, or reunion souvenirs.

  • Velvet or organza bags - Put your pocket cross, angel tokens, engraved stones and other inspirational gifts into one of their beautiful organza or velvet bags - the perfect way to present these thoughtful gifts.

For spiritual and religious gifts for every day celebrations or life's most difficult moments,
Before & After has the little gifts that make a big difference.